2.5 Axis Milling

2.5 Axis Milling includes automatic roughing, finishing, thread milling, face milling and single point (drilling, boring, reaming, tapping) cycles to machine prismatic features.
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3 Axis Milling

CAMWorks 3 Axis cycles are developed for speed, accuracy and efficient memory usage and it also ensures that simple and complex parts can be cut quickly and accurately with a high quality toolpath. Read More

Multi-Axis Milling

Multiaxismilling software allows a wide variety of shops and manufacturing facilities pertaining to 4/5 Axis machines that provide greater productivity, equipment flexibility and quality.
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Mill Turning

CAMWorks Mill-Turn multifunction machining includes milling and turning capabilities for multi-tasking machine centers.

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CAMWorks 2 and 4 Axis Turning software for programming CNC lathe machines includes automatic roughing, finishing, grooving, threading, cutoff and single point (drilling, boring, reaming and tapping) cycles. Read More

Wire EDM

CAMWorks Wire EDM softwarewhich is fully integrated into SolidWorks, provides a more intuitive, automatic, and efficient method of generating EDM toolpaths and machine code.
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CAMWorks Virtual Machine

true G-code machine simulation directly integrated within the CNC programming environment. Read More

CAMWorks Volumill

CAMWorks® VoluMill™ is an optional ultra high-performance toolpath engine within CAMWorks for 2.5 axis and 3 axis roughing operations. Read More

CAMWorks Nesting

CAMWorks® Nesting is an automatic nesting module designed to nest the layouts of SolidWorks parts or assemblies. Read More