About us

Genesis Technocrats is one of the four units of Bhosle Business Group having interests in state of the art manufacturing.

The Bhosle group was established in 1981 leading to the formation of Genesis Technocrats.

At the time of its inception, Genesis technocrats was one of the very few organisations providing effective solutions against the complex, critical and time consuming manufacturing processes of engineering business.

After being incorporated in 2013, Genesis Technocrats hasprovided time tested solutions for getting maximum output from precision multitasking machines.

The software solutions given by Genesis Technocrats has been designed to tackle the pain areas of the manufacturers thereby reducing the number of rejections as well as cycle times which thenleads to increased productivity and profitability, ultimately increasing the profit margins for the manufacturers.

Our aim is to provide 360 degree software solutions to cater the needs of the customer from within the India there by eliminating the dependency on distant offshore solutions.                                                                 
Make us your success partner if you are looking for solutions pertaining to 3D designing and virtual manufacturing or simply needing additional support.