Industrial Equipment

industrial iquipment

The Industrial Equipment Industry is undergoing significant changes and pressures due to a globalizing competitive landscape and customer needs for lower costs. Doing more with less is now the mantra and organizations who best respond to these challenges will be in the best position to prosper over the coming years. This change brings with it challenges for collaboration, and opportunities to take advantage of a globally available talent pool. In recent times, there have been initiatives to set-up design centers, MROs and production facilities through partnerships with local players in countries like India and China. Developing countries are fueling an ever rising demand in an increasingly hostile world. Today the industry is faced with challenges like raising cost pressures, increased time to market, growing use of new technologies such as composites, globalization, and regulatory management. Competition is increasing and coming from established countries as well as newly industrialized regions. Ageing workforce within the major OEMs and lack of scalable replacements has been a major cause of concern. With these changes, business complexity has also increased as organizations must collaborate on a global scale with customers, partners, and suppliers.

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