CAMWorks 2014

CAMWorks – Program Smarter, Machine Faster!

CAMWorks 2014 is the most complete CAD/CAM solution available providing the users with an end-to-end offering from the initial part design, to creating a CNC program, to full machine simulation using actual G-code. With every release we strive to bring you a better CNC programming experience. Some of the key additions in this release are:
Toolpath and Step-Through Simulation

When using Toolpath or Step-Through simulation, to help review the toolpath effectively, we have introduced the ability to:

  • Use a WIP (Work in Process) model as a start-up stock when simulating an operation or a setup. This provides the user with the ability to simulate subsequent setups and operations using an up-to-date WIP model, rather than the original stock.
  • View the tool vectors for the toolpaths during Step-Through simulation, making it easier to evaluate the toolpath integrity, particularly for 5-axis toolpaths.1

Turn Feature Definition Enhancements

Next, significant improvements have been made with regards to Turn Features:

  • Turn profiles are now fully associated with the model they are extracted from. This makes them fully associative to the sketches, another first in the feature based machining world, making program changes very quick and efficient.
  • Improved functionality now allows users to simply pick the faces of the model to create Turn Features quickly and easily.
  • Enhanced feature definition, to speed up selection of turn profiles by specifying the angle at which the profile has to be extracted. This is particularly helpful for parts requiring mill-turn operations.1 2
  • Turn feature extents can now be controlled at operation level, as well as at the feature level.

Turn operations have been made more intelligent as well:

  • Canned cycles have been provided with greater flexibility within the UI making them more intelligent and providing the user additional control over the functionality and eliminating the need for any customizations to the post.

Automation via APIs

For our automation aficionados, we have added 39 different APIs that can help reduce repetitive activities and provide a solid foundation for users who want to customize or automate their systems.



  • API macro to create a multi surface feature from the faces having a particular color (shown above).
  • API macros to generate setup sheets, manage configurations, and manage must stocks in assembly among others.

UI improvements

You will also notice some key enhancements in the UI (User Interface) to standardize and streamline interactions with the following changes:

  • The Stock Manager UI is now available in SolidWorks Property Manager
  • The UI for creating User Defined tools, tool holders, and inserts has been improved and a new Preview Window has been added for ease-of-use.

Multi-tasking machine controls

For the multi-tasking machines, we have added more flexibility in the sub-spindle operations


We are also pleased to announce the availability of the 3-axis SolidProfessor videos to our users. This is in addition to the existing repertoire of Turning, 2.5 Axis and CAMWorks VoluMill™ videos. These videos are a means to improve familiarity with functionalities in the software, are a good pre-cursor to a training class and quick reference for an overview. All customers who have an existing SolidProfessor license will be able to access 3-axis videos starting next week (week of Oct 7th, 2013). For customers who do not have an existing SolidProfessor license please contact your reseller to obtain one. Below are a couple of sample videos for your reference.

Mori Seiki APT CL

CAMWorks is a part of a larger ecosystem. We constantly look at ways to work more closely with others in the ecosystem to bring the latest in technology and innovation to benefit our users. With this in mind, we are working closely with Mori Seiki in an initiative to provide certified APT CL output that Mori-templates translate into G-code to run on their machines, including machines with full 5-axis capability and mill-turn machines. Users with access to Mori Seiki Mfg Suite interested in having access to this capability may email us for more information.
Integration with TDM Systems

In the same vein, we are collaborating with TDM Systems, the tool data management software company, to provide an interface to pass on tooling information, including 3D models from TDM Systems to CAMWorks directly. Users of both the software will be able to get a preview of the capabilities today and soon be able purchase an interface from TDM Systems directly.
CAMWorks Virtual Machine – New Add-on Module
Now Available:

We are excited to be the first CAM system to bring the true G-code machine simulation directly integrated with the CNC programming environment. We believe this is truly the way of the future and the fastest way to ensure that the users save valuable machine time by getting their programs right the first time.